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The Dorset Steam Fair 1999

The Dorset Steam Fair, held at Tarrant Hinton near Blandford, Dorset, is the largest event of its kind anywhere in Western Europe - and quite possibly the world. Hundreds of steam vehicles - traction, agricultural, stationary and showmen's engines, lorries, cars, buses etc. gather together for the first weekend in September - along with an equally sizeable collection of vintage and veteran cars, military vehicles, buses and heavy horses. Over the five days of the show some 200,000 visitors (that's 40,000 per day - equal to the attendance at a major Premier league football match) enjoy the spectacle (and smell) of engines working up and down the showground. This really is a good day out - and one that extends well into the evening and night with a huge on site fairground with both modern and vintage (steam driven) rides. Be there next year!

Click a thumbnail image to load the larger version - all pictures taken at this year's (1999) event on Saturday 4th September.

Banshee Beard's Cornish engine Steam carousel Double heading
Foden lorry - Trinidad Asphalt Foden lorry Fowler Heavy haulage
Lord Kitchener General Gough Princess of Wales Rotherham Fowler
Sawmill Sentinel lorry Showmens engines Threshing
Foden lorry Foden lorry Wallis and Stevens Wallis and Stevens

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