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Photographs taken on Sunday 2nd May 1999
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7999 near Corfe Castle Ex-LNER N2 tank 7999 heads towards Corfe Castle with an afternoon train from Norden to Swanage.
7999 near Corfe Castle Slowing for Corfe - 7999 crossing the viaduct over the Sandbanks road
80104 arriving at Swanage In the afternoon sunshine, Standard 4 tank 80104 drifting gently into Swanage
80104 comes to a stand 80104 comes to a stand at the end of the Swanage platform
80104 Against the late afternoon sunlight, 80104 at Swanage awaits the departure of the diesel unit, drawn up at the far end of the platform, before shunting its rake of 4 cars
80104 crew With a few minutes to wait, the driver of 80104 chats to passengers at Swanage
Diesel unit at Swanage The 'heritage' diesel unit awaits departure at Swanage for the first evening round trip to Corfe. The 'May Day' weekend was the first period of the intensive summer timetable with diesel trains running late into the evening.
ex-LNER 7999 at Swanage With its train in the carriage road at Swanage, ex-LNER 0-6-2 tank 7999 moves forward to cross over to the shed road
ex-LNER 7999 at Swanage Ex-LNER tank 7999 moving backwards now to enter the shed road at Swanage
7999 returns to Swanage shed 7999 comes on shed after shunting its train at the end of the working day
Two locomotives simmering gently in the evening light at the end of the day
Corfe Castle is a popular destination for visitors to the Swanage Railway
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