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Photographs taken on Sunday 9th September 2001 - Swanage Festival of Steam
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Ivatt Std 2 - 41312 An historic return to Swanage for visiting Ivatt Std 2 2-6-2 tank number 41312. This locomotive had worked the Swanage branch in the 1960s and hauled the last steam service on the Brockenhurst to Lymington branch. Here she waits in the loop on Swanage station duty
Ivatt Std 2 tank - 41312 Ivatt Std 2 tank - 41312 - waits in the Swanage loop for the arrival of the last steam service of the day.
Ivatt Std 2 41312 2-6-2 tank The Ivatt tank attaches to a rake of carriages in the Swanage platform - the train having arrived at Swanage under the control of Port Line and 257 Squadron.
Ivatt tank 41312 Ivatt tank, 41312, pilots the empty carriages away from the platform at Swanage.
2 Pacifics Two Bullied Pacifics ease along the platform - rebuilt Merchant Navy 'Port Line' and unrebuilt Battle of Britain '257 Squadron'
Urie S15 The S15 - Harry A Frith - reverses into the Swanage siding
Swanage Evening scene at Swanage - with 4 locomotives in steam and in sight!
Swanage The S15 and 2 Std 4 tanks (80104, 80078) simmer in the Swanage sidings
5 coupled locomotives! 5 locomotives, coupled together, enter the Swanage platform
Six locomotives coupled Now with the Ivatt connected, 6 locomotives await departure from Swanage - 2 Bullied Pacifics (Port Line and 257 Squadron), the S15, 2 Standard Class 4 tanks and the Ivatt Std. 2!
6 headcodes! Bullied Pacific - 35027 Port Line - sports 6 headcode disks as she awaits departure from Swanage for Corfe Castle!
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PS Waverley at Swanage
Paddle Steamer Waverley - the world's last sea going paddle steamer - at Swanage on September 9th 2001

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