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Photographs taken on Tuesday 18th July 2000
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- MPEG movie - sound and video as 80104 leaves Harmans Cross for Swanage - 1.3Mb download

80078 footplate crew Footplate crew on Standard Class 4MT 80078 taking a rest before departure from Norden.
80078 Standard Class 4 80078 arriving at Corfe on a late morning train
80078 80078 climbs away from Corfe Castle
80104 A timeless scene as 80104 crosses Corfe Common with Corfe Castle in the background
80078 80078 arriving at Harmans Cross from Swanage
80078 80078 arriving at Harmans Cross from Swanage
80078 80104 blows off enroute for Corfe Castle from Harmans Cross
80078 crew 80078 awaiting departure at Norden
80078 80078 departs Corfe Castle for Swanage
80078 80078 drifts down through Wilderness Wood enroute to Swanage
80104 80104 comes on shed at the end of the day
Corfe Castle Corfe Castle is one of the major tourist attractions of the region
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