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Photographs taken on Saturday 24th March 2001 - Members Weekend event
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Crompton - 'Stan Symes' Crompton diesel locomotive 'Stan Symes' waits in the loop at Swanage.
35027 35027 'Port Line' is uncoupled from the train on arrival at Swanage
Crompton preparing to depart Swanage Crompton diesel prepares to leave Swanage with a mid-afternoon working to Norden.
80078 Standard 4 tank 80078 drifts gently towards the train at Swanage.
30053 M7 tank - once a familiar sight at Swanage
M7 tank at Swanage M7 tank enters the bay at Swanage as Std 4, 80078, waits to leave.
Driver: 80078 A brief moment's relaxation for the driver on 80078 before departure for Norden.
Controls 80078 Drivers controls and gauges - 80078
Firebox - 80078 Somewhere warm on a cold day!
80078 80078's driver waits as passengers climb aboard the train.
80078 80078 awaits departure from Swanage on the last round trip to Norden.
80078 80078 waits at Harman's Cross on a cold March afternoon as Crompton diesel 'Stan Symes' arrives from Corfe Castle.
uncoupling 80078 Arrival at Norden - 80078 is uncoupled from the head of the train.
80078 80078 eases forward and off the train at Norden.
80078 Norden: 80078 pauses at the end of the line before running around the train
80078 arrives at Swanage 80078 passes Swanage MPD with the a train from Norden.
80078 arrives at Swanage Standard Class 4 80078 arrives at Swanage with the last train of the day
80078 80078 rests at Swanage whilst the diesel (08) shunter prepares to remove the train.
80078 80078 passes under the Northbrook Road bridge as it switches tracks prior to a steam heating test in the carriage bay..
80078 in the carriage bay Standard Class 4 80078 in the carriage bay following the steam heating test.
80078 on shed Standard Class 4 80078 returns to Swanage MPD at the end of the day.
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Foot and Mouth disease precautions meant the closure of rural footpaths - and Herston Halt.

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