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Photographs taken on Sunday 28th March 2004 - Members Weekend event
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34028 - Eddystone Recently restored West Country light pacific, 34028 'Eddystone' leaves Norden for Swanage.
34028 34028 - crew at Swanage
Footplate - 34028 Footplate - 34028.
34028 34028 'Eddystone' passes the signal box at Swanage.
34028 34028 'Eddystone' 'on shed' at Swanage
34072 at Swanage 2 Bullieds - 34072 '257 Squadron' and 34028 'Eddystone' at Swanage.
Class 33 'Stan Symes' Class 33 'Stan Symes' arrives at Harman's Cross with a working from Norden
M7 M7 enters Corfe Castle from Norden
M7 30053 Drummond M7 30053 arrives at Corfe Castle from Norden
30053 M7 30053 waits for departure from Corfe Castle to Norden.
30053 M7 30053 arrives at Swanage
Station Master at Corfe Castle The Station Master in his parlour at Corfe Castle
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