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PS Waverley

Paddle Steamer Waverley

The last sea-going paddle steamer in the world....
PS Waverley is unique - she is the last sea going paddle steamer in the world, the last of a long line of vessels that began with the construction of the Comet on the Clyde in the first half of the 19th century. Waverley was built in 1947, replacing a previous vessel of the same name lost at Dunkirk (1940). Powered by a triple expansion reciprocating steam engine she has an oil fired boiler and eventually passed into preservation in the mid-1970s. Waverley was then restored to operate cruises around the coast of the UK - in the Clyde Estuary, Bristol Channel, Solent and South Coast area and the Thames estuary. Waverley underwent a major refurbishment in 2000 and continues to sail - the only steam powered paddle driven vessel in the world with licence for sea-going passenger carrying service.

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For Waverley's current steaming schedule, visit the Waverley web site.

September 2001

As a mark of respect for all those who died in the terrorist atrocity in New York on Tuesday 11th September 2001, the ensign of PS Waverley flew at half mast.......

recquiescant in pace

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Photographs taken in September 2001
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PS Waverley PS Waverley alongside in Portsmouth - Portsmouth Harbour station and Isle of Wight ferry terminal.
PS Waverley The bridge - and upper deck images
PS Waverley Paddle sponson - Starboard side
PS Waverley The engines - the heart of the Waverley - a triple expansion reciprocating engine driving the main paddle wheels through a common shaft.
PS Waverley Below decks - the Saloon
PS Waverley At sea - the starboard bow
PS Waverley At sea - the Saltire flies at the bow and at the mast head - this is a Scottish steamer with a Scottish crew....
PS Waverley Leaving Portsmouth - Waverley passes the Gosport sea-front.
PS Waverley at Swanage
Paddle Steamer Waverley - the world's last sea going paddle steamer - at Swanage on September 9th 2001

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